There are many reasons Outdoor Cannabis is superior to Indoor Cannabis. Lets start with the basics:

#1: Health: Outdoor Cannabis is naturally protected with mother natures balance: plants have less chance of disease and pests because of the cycle of environmental bio-synthesis. (indoor growers are often subject to all sorts of invaders, white powder mildew and spider mights specifically, which require  strong toxic bactericides and pesticides right prior to harvesting!) Health Canada right now , allows up to 8 different pesticides in the medicinal cannabis!!Meaning ...THey are not Organic!!! 

#2: Sunshine... All the energy for the plant is perfectly balanced with dear old Mr.Sun. NO power bill, no worry of fire or electrical hazards, no carbon footprint and no expensive costs!

#3: Genetic Diversity... Cannabis is a living conscious being. Growing outdoors with seeds will promote bio diversity. Ganja was never meant to be grown indoors, people became obsessed with creating a Hi THC content with their genetics,  they lost the CBD content of their strains (THC and CBD work on a balance scale, the more THC, the less CBD)and focused on Smell and Taste.  Everyone loves nice aromatic flowers, but Buds are for consumption benefits, weather thru smoking or internal usage. They ended up going from a medicinal plant to a recreational Hi, creating what some scientists say are schizophrenic characteristics