Marijuana   Seed Germination:

#1 soak seeds over night, in distilled water. use non chlorinated paper towel with two plates, one as a lid and one to hold the water, paper towel (to ensure they don't dry out)and seeds. Choose a night soon after the new moon, check the zodiac moon calendar and find a water sign or an earth sign to begin.

#2 after soaking for 12 hours minimum drain water and allow to sit in a dark moist , warm place. once you see a small sprout emerging from the seed, its time to put it in the soil.

Step #3

This is where we have to pay close attention! The soil you prepare is critical to your new plants life. To produce more females, you don't want it to get too hot. Nice and warm yes 18-24 degrees. Your soil should have a bit of nitrogen ready for the baby seedling , and less phosphorus(which produces more males). Minimize any stress, be gentle, but remember , they are a hearty weed. A gentle mushroom manure or sea soil is really good as a start.

 step #4

Grow your plants!! Give them what they need. They are conscious living entities, knowing all of your thoughts, give them Love!ANd Feed them, every 3-4 days, give them nutrients!Make your own form compost, manure and grass clippings . Plants like raw fermented foods, like soaked comfy, grass clippings, nettles, molasses, seaweeds of all kinds. Make your own foods for your plants, its fun and easy. You can buy a 20$ bubbler(small machine which aerates fermenting solutions) at the grow store and make your own bulk plant food.