About Grass Roots Outdoor Weed Seed Co.

Mission Statement

To create Medicinal as well as Recreational Organic Outdoor Cannabis Seeds, that finish in Canadian climates, and to cross breed all the best plants and genetics to ensure biodiversity, that finishes in the yard!


Have you ever ordered seeds, the company claimed to be outdoor seeds, or indoor/outdoor, and taken care of them all season only to find out the genetics you were sold, won't produce Buds , before the snow flies? Well, i have , and it sucks!!!

This is why grassrootsseeds.com is now in business : To ensure that canadians can grow big juicy Buds, without worrying about false claims and bad genetics.

We at Grassroots Organic Outdoor Seed Company are proud to bring you some of the best seeds the Kootenays and British Columbia has to offer. 

All of our strains are diverse, all have balanced CBD, to THC profiles, all with different potentials in each strain. Its up to you, to create what comes out. We are always here to help in any way we can. Pass it On !